A Short Update

This is long overdue update and much has happened lately in life and career. To keep things short all is well and I’m doing just fine, some things went out of control but I’m back on track again.

Back to business. So I just recently launched two new website one is basically just a test project on autopilot to see how it goes on its own. The name goes by On The Whoa, it’s a travel and lifestyle blog about adventures, nooks and new finds. It’s managed by multiple authors. There’s not much going in there but it serves it purpose so I’ll let it be that way.

The other one is a design and development website that should handle all queries and transactions. I guess I’ll start by introducing Polymorph Studio, a brand and identity consultancy based in Manila.

Recently, I’ve been receiving quite a number of brand and identity design requests and there are times that I ran into issues in terms of management and keeping in touch with my clients so I thought that it will be a good idea to start my own design agency to get more customer and maintain contact with them. I’ve reached a few friends and colleagues whom I know are master in Digital Arts and have free time as well to collaborate.

This should also make my life easier by automating some stuff like implementing a quotation, invoicing and billing system, as well as a download or client portal where they can download their files. Currently I’m looking to other options to keep things in check and avoid inconvenience to my clients.

I’m still open for more partners and artist who wants to get known and make their work speak for themselves. This is a good start if you are looking for more clients and to reach more. If all went well, I might register this as a business so that we can operate legally. So for now, stay sneaky and online only.

This is not really short.

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