People need to learn how to respect their parents. It is a shame that someone that is raised well, given a good education in a good university, and guided to be a good person have a total disregard of her parents and siblings and prefers to be with friends, and other people instead of her own family.

I wonder how long they can help you until they all gave up on you. I hope it won’t be too late before you realized what you have done and how you are actually destroying yourself because of your life decisions and actions. To be honest, your words no longer hold a meaning. I do not trust them anymore.

I am not writing this to discredit you for the good things you did in your life, success, achievements, and have contributed to this family. I am writing this to make you aware to where you are headed, to let you know that what you are going through is not unique, you’re not the only one who is hurt, or depressed. Everyone has experienced it in different ways.

Stop telling yourself that it is because nobody understands you in this family and that you prefer to be with other people. That is a flawed thinking because the real problem is you failed or didn’t even try to explain yourself. We did our best and tried to understand you but you always refuse to explain yourself. You just always want to leave.

You are no better than our parents because no kind or degree of education will never be able to replicate the same knowledge that our parents nourish us everyday. You can’t earn life experience in the university or workplace. It is different to what they are going through everyday. Imagine, having to think how you can sustain the needs of your family and at the same time provide them with things that is essential to your growth, and sometimes even give you the luxury of other things. Have to wake up early everyday to prepare for work and breakfast for the family, so that you will have food in your table. You never thought of those things, because if you did, you won’t be ignoring us.

You dictate yourself with what the society is trying to poison us all. There are no rule book on how to live a life, it is unique to every individual and family. Life is a continuous struggle that you need to endure. That what makes life beautiful. Stop living by the book because it will never take you further in life.

I know that you are smarter than me and better at everything, academically and in decision making. But what hurts me the most is that knowing that you have the knowledge and power to shape up and help our family to grow and have a better life but you still continuously neglect us. That hurts a lot to me because I can’t do anything other than the things that I’m good at; to work tirelessly, accept any work that I can find just to provide what our sibling needs, to pay for the bills and for the education. But there you are, selfishly thinking for your own good only. You only think of yourself and what you think now as the love of your life, and how you can go to more travels, leisure and have beautiful things in life while your family is struggling to stay afloat.

You think that it doesn’t bother me whenever you make decisions that hurts Mama and Papa. You are wrong. Just because I don’t talk much doesn’t mean I don’t care. I care a lot to this family that I even forgot how to take care of myself, that sometimes I go to work on empty pocket and go home with something to bring, that I for a time in my life, have completely took for granted my relationship with someone because family is my main priority. It failed, it destroyed me but I’m back up again on my own feet again and it made me a better person that I am now.

Family, nothing goes on top of that. You can’t buy the same love your family gives you, it is irreplaceable. At once, come home. I maybe wrong with some of things that I have said you, and I totally regret some of those, but if you are really decided and would continue to pursue the life you are taking now, well, good luck then. I do not promise you anything but if you decided to come back home, our parents will always welcome you, like they always do even if you always leave.

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