Art Comes Later

I love writing. Funnily enough, I don’t write enough. To remedy this, I will start to write one short story every month, published every end of the month or first week of every month. The quality will vary from horrible to halfway decent, their themes will range from comedy to tragic drama. There are no guarantees. Basically, it’s time to force myself to write a fiction, improve my writing skills and vocabulary, and occasionally make myself feel guilty.

Starting can be the hardest part of writing a story, so this week I’m giving an opening line, to break through that block. I’ve read before about opening lines and how important they are to a story, so I don’t think that this opening line has to be about the immediate story or all about it indefinitely.

“Art lies in concealing the art.”

The goal is to get myself writing again in throwaway tales or fictions, rather than works of art, because the point is; I am writing, my brain is working and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Art comes later.

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