Cafe Travel Manila

All set and ready to go for some pastries, sweet drinks and coffee. Meet my new friends from left to right, I can’t name any of them, well except Jayz? I don’t know if I got the right spelling. A great shot taken by my girlfriend, Manilyn.


Cafe Travel Manila is a Korean inspired coffee shop that adopts a cube style seatings and a place to nap and study as well, I presume since most of the customers at the time are napping.

I’ve seen from the comfort room notice that napping or sleeping are not allowed but sure you can stay longer times if you would like to study or just past some time, albeit if you order more drinks and pastries.


It sure attracts a lot of people because of its unique and cute atmosphere, particularly students from the nearby universities. Technically, this is just in front of DLSU along Taft Avenue, so that explains the number of customers at the time of our visit.


At Cafe Travel, white walls are decorated with scribbles, notes, anecdotes, quotes or random messages written by customers. I must admit that I actually liked it, giving it a not so ordinary looks and feel.

At first, you might get irritated if you are a person like me who prefers a clean surrounding, muted and minimal over highly decorated. But you will surely love it the longer you stay. It’s just a little dry or I guess it is because of the number people inside. If they could fix the AC or add some humidifier, it would be awesome.


Forever etched. AM, 10 – 09 – 16. Our own scribble marking the date of our visit and our name initials, written on the ceiling. I like the writing.


What can I say, I’m a coffee guy but I am slightly disappointed with the coffee. I ordered an Americano but it doesn’t seem to have any taste to it. It’s just pale and lacks some bitterness. I wonder if they are using fresh beans or a stock from the other day. But if you’re just looking to have a cup of coffee, which is just good, it should be enough cater your caffeine thirst paired with slice of cake. Overall, a great place to satisfy your sweet cravings, have some chat with friends and maybe a little nap.

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