Daily Life

Lately, I’ve been lurking the NatGeo archives website and came across the Your Shot section which is a photo community where you can submit daily life photo documentaries, stories and anything else that happens to your surroundings, being a hobbyist or a pro photographer.

An excerpt from the Your Shot section of NatGeo website:

Many people travel around the world to photograph in exotic locations, but there are numerous opportunities to make a great photograph right in your own community. This assignment can be as simple as an everyday moment or as complex as a nuanced image that says something about the universal human experience, the things that are common and universal across all languages and cultures, such as love, joy, sadness, or humor.

Daily life photos can be anything from any moment you go about your day, a special occasion, a normal day with extraordinary people, a good light and dark balance, mood of your environment, people’s reactions and emotions.

I think it is a great opportunity to start my own series from the things that I love, to daily commute, workspace, architecture, minimalism and life in general. I know I’ll be busy soon with work and keeping up with people that I love. But I feel like this is my calling, and for that, I will try to post daily and have it published by midnight whatever the circumstances are.

Usually, I don’t rush things but I’m really excited with this one since I do really love to take photos of anything that captures my attention. I love the small details, architecture, and black and white photography, so I guess I’ll concentrate with that first, just to familiarize myself and make it a daily habit before I try other subjects.

A word of caution. I will not censor my words nor obfuscate details. I will always try to reflect the emotion and mood of each story in every post that I will start to publish soon. You’ve been warned.

This will be my relief, my escape, my visual diary. Something that I can always look to when things aren’t going well or just fine, or great. This is to enjoy my daily life, to every moment, seconds, bad, good and great experiences. To celebrate life and its wonders. Cheers to being alive.

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