Dingalan Aurora: Gateway to Southern Tagalog

Ragged and rustic, wild and treacherous, the beautiful landscape of Dingalan evokes varied feels. From the cliffside hills that resemble those in Batanes to the jagged and rocky southern coast reminiscent of those in Dasol and Laswitan. But amid some similarities to popular spots in the Philippines, Dingalan is still Dingalan, unique and distinct from the others.

The southernmost municipality of the Province of Aurora, Dingalan is situated at the east coast of Central Luzon fronting the roaring Philippine Sea with Sierra Madre Mountain range to the east. Beyond the varied coastal attractions of the town, Dingalan also boasts of other inland natural wonders, mountain peaks, waterfalls, rivers and cave systems.

Reaching the top and looking over to see the cliffs and the hills that seem to roll forever was such a thrilling experience. One of the most beautiful, natural things I’ve ever seen; the place is truly a paradise of the east. With so many places to visit within the vicinity, tiresome may be the reason of struggle at points but afterwards you will be rewarded with a very great view.

Rocks of Dingalan are large boulders of black igneous rock litter the mountainside all the way from the borders of the province, despite the absence of volcanoes in the area. These rocks are located in Barangay Tanawan. Some local residents suggest that the rocks must date back to prehistoric times, since they’ve been there as long as the residents’ ancestors could remember.

Lamao Caves is a dozen caves along the seaside cliff of Paltic constantly pounded by Pacific Ocean waves. A few mini-beaches serve as docking points for bancas and during the calmer months of April to June, one can maneuver a small banca inside the caves. Aside from a small waterfall that trickles outside one of the caves, the site would seem deceptively ordinary.

Dingalan is one of the rustic towns that dot the beautiful shoreline of Aurora, known for white beach resorts, caves and huge rock formations. Nature lovers and adventurers will definitely enjoy Dingalan.

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