Domain Migration

Changing domain name of a blog can be painful. I did it twice in almost two years on the same blog, and would not wish to do it again but lately I bought a domain name under my name and planning to use it as portfolio and put my blog on a subdirectory or subdomain to keep things tidy and in one place.

I studied it well and thought of what other purposes this domain can be a good use but it always narrows to the inappropriate naming of this blog and limited use of the new domain name so I was thinking of moving this blog to a subdomain and completely abandon Mad Indigo and setup redirections for Google to pick up.

This blog doesn’t generate a lot of traffic anyway, there’s a few a but not that significant and moving is still possible, technically and in SEO as well. I’m thinking of a whole package or a piecemeal approach where I only move the new contents and leave everything else then gradually move them as the content matures.

The other option is to just start fresh and forget everything but that seems to be overkill and a waste of all the time I spent creating writeups, editing photos and publishing them.

The other problem is, I already have an email with this domain and it will be hard and time consuming to migrate all that content into the new email address and to inform my contacts.

Maybe I’ll give this a time and decide this coming holiday break and then when my decision is final, I’ll just commence with whatever plan I came up.

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