In Photos: Bokod Landscape

Bokod is entirely within the Central Cordillera Reservation, it is found along the southern part of Benguet and bounded on the north of Kabayan, on the south by Itogon, on the west by Atok, and on the east by Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya, and is the second largest municipality of Benguet.

For this adventure, I used my friend’s camera, A Nikon D7000 with 15-50mm 2.8 Tamron lens, but ended up shooting mostly at 15mm range. A 10-20mm lens would be more appropriate for this kind of shoot but that one is a little expensive, so let’s just be thankful to have taken these wonderful sceneries. After all, there’s no wasted shot when you’re shooting outdoors and landscapes, everything is just perfect.

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