Macro at Tapulao

All photos taken using Samsung Galaxy S7 on Selective Focus mode using 16:9 format. Selective Focus is something Samsung Galaxy flagship phones have boasted since the Galaxy S5. The idea is that the Galaxy S7 takes lots of photos with one push of the shutter button, switching between near and far focus as it goes.


As evident in the photo above, you can see how well it performed given that we are using all the natural lights available. I really like how it clearly renders the raindrops and the moist of the leaves.


When taking macro shots with the sky as your background or something very bright, you should take into consideration the proper adjustment of your focus to your subject. If you fail to do so, you will get an overwashed or extremely over exposed outputs. Something that I have learned from my previous experiments.


One thing that separates iPhone and S7 sensor is that the latter produce far more better color and strikingly sharp images even on auto mode. I’m no pro but clearly S7 is far better.


I’m still learning my way to macro photography, trying to read stuff and produce output based on the materials and equipments I currently have at the moment. Hopefully in the future, I can get my hands to a proper camera with a good macro lens.


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