Photo Walk: Bonifacio High Street

After a day of work, meeting, some sidelines, and coffee session at BHS, I decided to walk instead of taking the nearest bus stop going to Ayala while unknowingly lugging the camera on my neck, forgetting to put it inside my bag after a product and store shoot at Luna. It’s really hard to focus when you are preoccupied with thoughts that can only be solved if you have enough time before its due.

Some few minutes walk, I suddenly realized that I still have the camera on my neck, and was about to put inside the bag when I noticed that there’s not much foot traffic tonight so might as well use the opportunity to shoot some silhouettes and play with the shadows. I carried on, observed, and took some photographs while walking to the next bus stop. Below are the shots I’ve taken, unedited, and raw.

Photo walking is a fun activity, most specially if you are bored, sad, and depressed that needs something to lift your mood. Aside from being fun, it presents interesting opportunities for creating stories with pictures. I guess I’ll be doing this quite often since I thought of bringing the camera with me whenever I go out to work or with family and friends.

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