Photo Walk: University Belt

The University Belt refers to the area in the City of Manila where there is a cluster of colleges and universities. A unofficial name of a de facto subdistrict. As part of a work project, a location ocular for a short film teaser, we explore the grounds of University of Santo Tomas and it’s neighboring streets to see where our theme would fit well. We started around 11 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, from UST we went to Adelina, Barlin and Lerma Street, as well as San Sebastian Road where you can find a row of old spanish era houses. Afterwards, we then proceed to Recto and Arlegui as our last stop.

This photo walk is probably the most physically intense I’ve been since we have to walk kilometers, from avenue to another street, and hop on our ride again then move to the next location. But still, I enjoyed a lot and it’s actually beneficial, as an additional exposure to other photography subjects.

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