Reverse 52 Week Challenge

Saving up can be hard sometimes, specially when you have a financial responsibility at home or with other people. It can be a daunting task to maintain and keep a good attitude to achieve your financial goals but it can be made possible with a systematic approach and positive mindset.

All you have to do is to make sure that you always make it a priority to save a certain amount or percentage of your earnings, whether if it’s from your monthly salary or income from other work aside from your regular job.

For this coming year, I decided to actually commit to something that I will benefit from at the end of the year. Committing on to something financially can be manageable by just following a simple rule or guide to help you achieve your financial goals. So for this year, I’m doing a 52 week challenge with a twist.

The idea is simple, you start by saving up just 50 pesos for the first week, and then gradually increase your savings a peso a week  throughout the year.

You will have 50 pesos on the first week and then another 50 for the second week to make it a hundred, and then double the amount, and so on, until you are saving away upwards of 2,600 a week next December. And by the end of the year, you will have a total savings of 68,900.

Now the difference of my challenge from the usual is I will actually start saving in reverse, and start with 2600 for the first week and then 2550 for the second week, and so on, until I’m saving 50 to the last week of December.

But it’s not over yet, not that easy. Upon closing to reach sub 1000 a week, I will start saving up 1000 for the rest of the weeks remaining instead of going down below 950, and so on. With this formula, I will actually end up with a lot bigger saving than the regular 52 week challenge, amounting to a total of 78,900.

A table could have explained this better but I am a little lazy right now so I just laid out the plan and explained a bit of it. I hope that’s clear already since this is not something new for everyone.

The beauty of this challenge lies in its simplicity and the habitual momentum it can create. Not to mention the big chunk of change you’ll end up with. If you’re a little adventurous like me, you can copy and do the same challenge and even add a little bit more from your spare change to make it much more exciting.

Commentary: The image featured in this post has nothing to do with the content. I’m running out of stock photos.

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