Shades of Brown

From time to time I wonder the whims and fantasies life has to offer and the myriads of colors and flavors of nature that harbors in its laps, and come to think of it, that there are things that I could never resist. That for a moment I suddenly realized that the most important things are already right in front of you. That could anytime my eyes would twinkle and my lips to widen.


The shades of brown contrasting the blue sky, that cause all the worries to begone, removing all the heaviness in the heart that causes us to worry about things that doesn’t exist, and all the hate that we have against each other, that turns into rage that fuels more anger to commit such regretful acts.


Admire the beauty that it gives and purity of its nature, leaving nothing behind but a sweet view and calming feeling. Adore the shade of brown for it vents out all that are within, concealing all the miseries of this world, and cherish with the most beautiful ornaments, love and happiness.


The canvas of life has many shades but if we are to define life and the equality of all the things we have here, it would be brown. For brown gives balance to life and hope that for a day your life can change, and everything will never be the same again. The shade of life is brown and someday our mirrors will reflect to it.

Photos are the aftermath of Typhoon Lando that ravaged Ilocos Region.

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