Study Again

The laptops are on, people laughing at each other, and conversing, while some are enjoying their coffee and listening to some good music. Watching people while sipping my coffee, reading some of my notes and still thinking of the afternoon meeting I had lately.

It was an ecstatic feeling and I am so lucky for what was offered to me. The longing and endless planning, mentally and financially. The sleepless nights are finally over, and for the first time in three years, I’m studying again. This is the day that I’ve been always looking forward for, the opportunity to build and improve my skills, learn new things and meet new people that has the same passion, and love for photography.

I feel like I am starting to engage more in photography and design. I love interiors, magnificent architectures, minimalism and industrial styling. I probably spend a lot of time wandering, daydreaming of things that I could have made if I just have the right tools and time. There are so much things that I aspire to create myself, that someday I would be able to make my own short documentary of subjects that excites me, tell stories of people and culture, show what is going on around us that most people rarely notice. There’s so many things to do, and I feel like I’m in a new world.  Traversing another dimension where everything from art, people, culture, nature, and photography collides.

Now that I have more free time now, and blessed to have someone to sponsor my obsession in photography, I feel like I am not what has happened to me, good and bad, but what I choose to be. Anyway, no room for regrets as everything happening right now has its reason.

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