The Lovely Souls: Introduction

Blue Blood Moon

It was a gloomy afternoon. Everyone were so occupied by the beauty of afternoon red sky overlooking the mountainous terrain. It was a super blue blood moon in the month of January and most of the people are either at the observatory center or the hilltop town of Conner. Suddenly, a young woman can be seen walking at the dark street towards Chico river park, quite the opposite way if you want to see the full moon. It was Peggy, known as a young woman who prefers to be alone rather than be with groups. Most of the youngsters call her boring an uninteresting person but unknown to many, Peggy has asociality condition or the lack of motivation to engage in social interaction. Asociality is distinct from but not mutually exclusive to antisocial behavior, in which the latter implies an active misanthropy or antagonism toward other people or the general social order. At her condition, it’s hard for Peggy to make friends or even hold a small conversation.

After arriving at the park, she started to walk over the edge and leaned towards the cliff railings, staring blankly and filled with deep thoughts she doesn’t know how and whom to share for fears no one would ever understand her with the way she conveys her message. Tears started rolling down her cheeks, her eyes full of tears blurring her vision. Peggy then sat at the bench under the Oak tree, head down and lost in her thought when she suddenly heard a noise at a distance, at first she ignored it, maybe it’s just the wind howling or the fast river current smashing the fallen branches of the trees into the big boulders.

Accident at Chico River

There was once an accident that took place opposite the Chico river in which a big chunk of solid rock parted and fell right into the river, it almost crushed two young girls who were trying to cross the river, but they got lucky to be alive when Peggy happens to be at the park, she rushed to aid the two little girls when she noticed the rocks started to crack, saving them in the process.

The noise suddenly stops for a moment, it was quiet again but at the back of her mind, she knows that there’s someone else in the park, she looked at her back and to the left but no one was there. She knows for sure that there are other people at the park but not one near her spot. Looking straight to the Chico river, she tried to look at the edge of her right eye and to her surprise there’s a young man sitting alone under the burning light of lamp post that serves as only light as the sun starts to fade. It was bizarre for her as she is usually the only person at that part of the park since it is the least maintained with dead leaves and litters all over the place. Most people prefer to be at the center park where there is a romantic looking spot with a grand fountain operating from morning until afternoon with occasional music broadcast. Some local vendors took advantage of this by selling baskets of flowers for couples and sweet treats that kids loves when they are at the park.

The Mysterious Man

Peggy ignored the presence of this young man and tried to focus on her thoughts, but she couldn’t concentrate knowing that there’s someone else with her at her usual place. She knows that there’s no way for her to approach this man as it will only make her feel more anxious and nervous. Peggy suddenly remembered an instance of a couple that once sat there, it was the same time but unlike other couples, these two are inches apart and couldn’t even look at each other but they are silently talking. She never heard a word of what they are talking but she knows it by the movement of their lips and the figure of their shadows. Could this be the man waiting for the woman she saw that late afternoon?

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