The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life if your everyday is almost the same? I don’t know how can someone survive that or stay afloat. Life gets boring the moment you realized that you’re not doing enough to make it a meaningful one. And there comes a day that it just strikes your mind and came into realization that nothing makes sense anymore and everything you’ve worked hard for have no deep value.

It’s just like you are working, living and waking up everyday just to survive this life. I think being in that kind of daily cycle can be draining and depressing to the point that you started to question your existence, morals, beliefs and values.

Life without purpose or living a life with nothing but a lot of misfortunes and disappointments will definitely take its toll to anyone until the day that you finally gave up and just let everything go and flow through your eyes. When you’ve ultimately lost your will to do things that you do almost everyday, it’s like the end of it. Like there’s nothing else you can do.

Sometimes it is depressing to know that you could have done better but you are always stuck in the same mud, everyday of your life and it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it but just let it happen over and over again. You feel tired, you have no power, and feeling weaker every other day despite having the whole weekend to rest. You know that it’s not your body but your mind and soul. We all get tired at some point of our lives, we get emotional and distress that we forget to seek help, to feed our souls and find more ways to motivate ourselves.

I know it’s not easy and some of us have been in this kind of situation and feeling. There’s no specific part of our lives when we actually get to encounter it, because in all honesty, each and everyone of us maybe currently experiencing it or may have gone through it earlier in their lives and some of us are luckily able to prepare themselves and fortunately have more time to assess their individuality and face it someday with a whole heart. It’s never an easy fight and never will.

The meaning of life is living it with hope, determination, positivity, and love. You need to always hope for the best in life and have the determination to pursue it with a positive mindset and love every single day of your life. Find your life a purpose or a meaning that will push you further more each day. Look for positivity in every difficult situation because there is always good in every bad. The determination to go beyond and face every obstructions in life will be your key to success.

There could be a lot more words that could have better define the true meaning of life but the real thing is, it must be always in your heart. Don’t let the fire die.

But honestly, I’m trying to be positive and optimistic, and apply all of these wisdom that I have but sometimes it is just not enough. Too much for pretending to be happy that there are days that I feel just fine, some are great but most of the time I feel so down. I don’t know, and I can’t explain it well why I’m feeling this way. Maybe something is wrong with me or I probably overthink too much.

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