The Mountainscape of Ulap

Through the ridges of Cordillera and above the clouds. Mount Ulap is a beautiful and scenic landscape that represents much of what the Cordillera has to offer. It’s a climb you could consider, especially that Pulag is now overcrowded. Nevertheless, Ulap is surprisingly a surreal view as well, with grassland summits, pine ridges, and an open view of the other Cordillera mountains, it’s a climb one must have to experience more of the Cordilleras.

Nature will never fail you if you choose to look at it the right way. Beauty is in every leaves, dry or fresh. Beauty is in every flower, no matter what color. Beauty is in every trail, no matter how narrow or wide. Beauty is in every trees, tall or short. Beauty is in every field, plain with grass or with foliage trees. Beauty is in every person looking at nature.

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