The Supermoon

Tonight as darkness falls around the world, we all see a full supermoon and the closest we can get since the supermoon of 1948. Very visible in parts of Asia in the evening and closest at America in the morning.

Although I wasn’t able to capture it perfectly because of the lack of equipment as I only have a fixed 30mm lens. But that didn’t stop me and instead of completely giving up, I tried to capture the clouds around the moon as it will be very visible with the presence of supermoon.


True enough, I got some great shots that visibly shows the stars and the movements of clouds. This isn’t my best but I tried what I can with the equipment I only have with me. The moon moves eastward so depending on your location it might appear as if it is going up – and it will continue to shine brightly as it moves to Taurus. What a wonderful experience and I hope that someday, the next time it appears which is probably by the year 2030 as estimated, I will be ready and to capture the whole magnificent beauty of the super moon.

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