The Unspoiled Island of Cagbalete

In a small town of Mauban lies the 1,640 hectare paradise of Cagbalete Island. Situated east of Quezon province, resting along the waters of Lamon Bay and the Pacific Ocean, the island offers a wide vastness of creamy white sand beach and crystal clear water.

It might sound like Cagbalete is just like any other beach, but the actual experience of setting your foot on the island and witnessing its scenic surroundings will make you realize that it’s different from any other island near the metro.

The island is also known for its diverse ecosystem and rich marine life. Beautiful corals, schools of fish and countless starfish are waiting for you when you enter its waters. Just 45 minutes by boat is another island perfect for bird watching activities.

The island’s rich underwater habitat will satisfy your cravings for mouth watering seafood. With the help of a fisherman on the island, you can visit the fishing area to catch lamarang fish, coconut crabs, and lobsters which are all common in the Cagbalete sea.

When it’s low tide, its shoreline will make your jaw drop as it creates a picturesque landscape while the sun rays flatteringly reflect on its wet and moist sand. Cagbalete is a perfect island for the beachgoers tired of bumming on the same beach every summer. You’ll feel refreshed after experiencing its rawness.

If you love waking up early to watch the sun rise or staying a bit late in the afternoon for the scenic sunset, then this something you should not miss when in Cagbalete Island. Unlike other beaches which will only let you witness either a sunrise or a sunset, Cagbalete Island will reward you with both. The left portion of the Island is where the sun peaks in the morning and the right portion is where the sun sets. Cagbalete Island is an authentic secluded island.

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