Why bother building your own biolink

Creating your own biolink on your own has its advantages and disadvantages. Although there are several options to build your biolink using established link builder web apps, and it’s generally better to opt with them instead of doing it from scratch. However, for those with the necessary resources, such as existing hosting infrastructure and an unused domain, they can effortlessly set up their own page with premium features usually available through subscriptions or one-time fees, this provides a more branded approach with the use of a custom domain name.

So why did I built my own and instead of creating one with services like bio.link? Simply because I have the existing infrastructure and domain already available. With this, I don’t have to spend on any additional fees on top of my current monthly digital expenses. This also provides me a better control of my data and more room for growth, like a microblog for example, or more visual customization, analytics tracking, and so much more.

One can still use services like bio.link assuming that you won’t be needing the premium features and you are fine with the branded links with their name on it. But for those who have the necessary resources, it’s a no brainier.

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