Tondol White Sand Beach

Tondol Beach is located at the northern tip of Anda, is an island municipality that used to be accessible only by boat across the narrow Catubig Channel. In the early 1990’s a bridge across the channel was constructed to connect the island with mainland Pangasinan.

The drive to Tondol Beach from town took around 45 minutes and was mostly on concreted roads until the final kilometer or so. The bridge to Tondol at the time was under renovation so we had to make a detour to a rough road leading to another major road that redirects to Anda National High Scool. We ended up staying at JCT Beach Resort for the whole afternoon which is closer to the eastern end of the beach.

It is advisable to visit the beach during low tide when the white sand was either totally exposed or when shallow, ankle deep water is still blanketing the beach. A clear blue sky would also help a lot.

What makes Tondol unique is its long, shallow nature. There is an island, Tanduyong which is almost a kilometer away and can be reached on foot during low tide. There is a considerable amount of marine life besides the starfish and crabs on the shallow beach.

Tondol White Sand Beach is a small and tranquil island getaway that offers you a white sand beach, crystal clear tropical waters and endless sun. This is what an authentic tropical paradise with well manicured grounds looks like.

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