A Visual Odyssey

As a hobbyist photographer I usually find the time to travel and make great photographs of subjects that interests me. Most often, I take pictures of landscapes, candid shots of people, interactions, and almost every possible moments that shows emotion that captures people’s attention.

I can’t claim myself as a professional photographer because I believe that I have to learn a lot more of the subject and everything about photography. We always need to improve our work and catch up with the latest trends, techniques and technologies that we can apply to our work. Of course, it’s not always easy trying to be your best while continuously adopting new things.

Even though I recently got in, and got to be part of a huge community of Getty Images as a Collaborating Photographer, it is still not enough to be boastful about. Sure, it’s proud to be part of it but you need to maintain your composure and always present a low key approach to people and yourself as well. This, I believe, is an essential character to maintain as if it helps you seek more knowledge and think of it as a blessing rather than just a title, that you have crack open and and improve.

Taking photographs that captures emotion is something that you can always look back when times are rough and you wanted something to uplift your mood. It might not be a perfect shot to the eyes of most professional photographers and filmmakers, but it is always something that I’m proud of myself of which I know that I can, at any moment, make it much more appealing and lively.

As what I’ve read in a photography blog, you should always make time to learn new things and never be afraid to take that shot even though you are not sure of the output, if it will turn out great or another disappointment. Your first hundred thousand shot is just a walk through to something that is well balanced, properly composed and perfect lighting and mood. It’s never too late to learn new techniques, and there’s just too much resources and information out there available for consumption if you just make time and eager to advance your skills. You can either get a book about digital photography and concepts, read online technical notes from blogs and online publications, subscribe to newsletters, or watch from hundreds of videos in the internet of whatever subject in photography you’re interested to.

I am writing this because I wanted this note or simple blog post to remind myself that there is always a time, and that time can be right now, tomorrow or the coming days. There is always a chance to make things out of what you love to do. I may have stated this in some of my past posts, but I really love photography, it’s captivating and it brings the best of me. It’s like at any point in time, you can look back at your work and be proud of yourself and what you have achieved and see how well you improved since from the beginning to this very moment.

A visual odyssey, an adventure and a life journey as I click the shutter and capture each moment, scenery and the beauty of daily life changes. Every moment matters. You can always crop out what you only wanted people to see but the entirety that is in your frame is always much more meaningful. It may be disorganized, out of focus or not properly set and timed, but remember that what you see from your eyes is the heart of your image.

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