Venturing into something that you are not familiar with spells disaster or can be a huge break for you to try on a new opportunity and actually make it a hobby and possibly an income source. But it’s not always rainbows and wonderful day that you will be entitled and given a chance to be part of something big, something that will make you proud and can brag your friends about in a positive way out of excitement.


There’s no overnight success that can suddenly turn your daily life around. Failure is always a part you have to endure, numerous trial and error before you finally succeed and achieve your ultimate goal.

I was recently commissioned to do a storyboard for a TV commercial. Guess what? I failed.

Yes, it felt horrible at first, having to work for 2 days, sketching and conceptualizing a script into a visual story that helps in creating a good sequence, and then being turned down because your work is not enough or does not meet their expectations.


I was never a good artist, I just know my way around and I know how to draw but not great like you see in comic books, so-so quality if you ask me but still worth a try. It was never a disaster or a failure because I did what I can and gave my best to it.

No abysmal feeling, I was actually grateful that they have thought of me and considered working with me even if the outcome doesn’t match what they need.

A room to improve. This is how I took it instead of being sad and blame myself for not making it more appealing to them. It was never like that, it is what you have learned along the way. And all of these experiences combined can help you grow to be more good at things that you love. What matters is that I tried and did my best and if given a chance, I’ll do it again.

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